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Ravens Legacy was created with the sole intention of becoming the largest, well managed and active fleet on the server. We will open our doors to anyone that feels they can progress as part of the fleet and to be a core component of our ever growing social community.

Where possible we will be running regular events and missions to further progress our members social standing, gear and expertise and also continued fleet events to succeed in having a strong & well defended star base. We look forward to our fleet's future.

Fleet Admiral: 
Khrisstian - First Officer: Thor 

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Sorry all. Works busy. Back tomorrow.
Sorry all. Work has been mad the past few days. Not able to get on tonight again.
And a great day for the Server to crash again, the launch of Season 8.5
STO has just crashed including the Website. Hope someone is around to fix it.
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas 2013. Have a fantastic day!
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